Neon Indian - Should have taken acid with you


First Diana shots

So I won a Diana F+ camera in last month and now I have shot and developed my first roll of 120 film. I used cheap Shanghai GP3 film and I'm actually quite impressed by the film AND the camera. Can't wait to shoot more!


Jäämeren rannalla

The first roll I scanned with my new scanner, CanoScan 8800f. Exciting!!


Just a Quick Update

So I went and bought a scanner for myself yesterday!! I have been scanning and developing film for two days and now I have so much shots to post here. Tomorrow I will develop two more rolls and then I'm going to post a huge update on this blog. Stay tuned!


More badly scanned shots

This week I heard I got a summer job at local amusement park. I'll definitely save up for a own scanner. Canoscan 8800f maybe...


My First Self Developed Film

So yesterday I finally got my hands on a scanner at school. The scanner itself was a total piece of crap and it's now my #1 foe, but despite that it went all good and I managed to scan my negs! Here's the results... I think I'm going to upload more soon.

And to the designers of that scanner: I'd like to kill you with fire. Thanks. No hard feelings.

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